About Weifang Vovac Power Co., Ltd.

Weifang Vovac Power Co., Ltd. is located in Weifang, Shandong, China. We are committed to the development and production of power equipment, such as land-use marine diesel generating sets and automated pump units. Our main products are Cummins, Perkins, Steyr, Deutz and Ricardo totally more than 10 series and over 200 varieties. The power range is from 8KW to 1000KW. We will use the international brand name such as Standford, Marathon, and Leroy-Somer on generating sets to ensure product quality.We insist that product quality is a fundamental for survival. Complete set of quality control system has been set up here. Through equipment performance testing, we ensure that our products are 100% factory qualified. At the same time, we also pay great attention to the product after-sales service system in order to resolve worries of customers at home and abroad.Our company is one of the export-oriented enterprises. Our products are sold to Europe, Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, and West Asia totally more than 30 countries and regions."Create a world-renowned brand" is our business philosophy. We pay close attention to the human living environment while marking high-quality products.

Main Products - Diesel Generator Set, Water Pump, Diesel Genset, Trailer Pump, Clutch

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